Tkimax is owned by Andy Brown. OK, let’s get it out of the way; the name Tikimax comes from our two cats, Tiki and Max who have now both passed on, hence the two little paw prints on the logo. (Gone from our sight but never from our hearts) (R.I.P.) Miss ya fellas more than you know. Andy believes in giving people exactly what they want, be it photography/graphic design or web design, but first and foremost it’s photography that is at Andy’s heart.


Andy took photography at secondary school and gained a modest O Level but he didn’t stop there. While at school, he worked at a photographic shop and for Southern Counties Photographics in Reading, Berkshire. He also joined a few bands and played with them throughout the 80s. If you don’t remember the 80s, it was all hairspray and eyeliner, burgundy box jackets and pixie boots. Well, the 80s have gone and so has the hair, thanks to the amount of hairspray used, but Andy was still snapping away, only this time with renewed vigour, new ideas and a whole new perspective on how to catch that magical moment in time. Because that’s what photography is about: seeing the fleeting magic of a moment, capturing its essence on camera and recreating the feeling in a simple but carefully and professionally crafted piece of art.

During the 90s, Andy continued to use film format and dark rooms to develop his work but, having attended Reading TVU to further hone his photographic skills, he became caught up in the monumental rise of the digital age. He took the baton and ran with it. Andy takes every picture with passion. Nothing escapes his eye. Whether you’re sitting for a single or family portrait in a formal or informal style, every picture reveals Andy’s attention to detail and has a little piece of him in it. His forte is wedding photography, using a contemporary or reportage style. For these most special of special occasions, if you choose Tikimax Photography and Design you’ll be choosing a name and a photographer you can rely on and trust completely. Thank you!


Tikimax in personn