Working with light and studio lighting with Tikimax

Learning how to use light is probably one of the coolest doors you will ever walk through as a photographer. Photography is, literally, writing with light.

If anything, light determines the way your photos should and will look and feel. To be in control of the light is to be in control of what you are saying with your photos.

You’ll need a camera that will give you full control of the shutter and aperture settings, and has a hot shoe to accept a flash on top. Almost all DSLR’s or mirror-less camera should be fine.

You’ll also need to have a basic understanding of how f/stops and shutter speeds operate — and the effects that they each of them have on your photos. If you have ever used your camera in manual mode (where you are in control of both the f/stop and the shutter speed) you’ll be a smash.

Lighting isn’t Rocket Science

You are not alone. Many people start Lighting courses every year. Some may even go on to become professional photographers. while many others simply use what they learn to make beautiful photos of family and friends.

If they can do it, so can You.

Lighting is not hard, and it need not be technical. At Smashing Photography we will show you an intuitive approach to lighting. Honestly, it’s more like baking than it is like math class.

Now that digital cameras are here, you’ll get to see instant feedback on the results of a change in your lighting. This is a wonderful advantage, compared to when most of us of a certain age first learned this stuff as a photographer back in the 1980’s/90’s but i do miss the smell of developer though.

“What was i worried about!.

That almost immediate visual feedback action will help you to learn faster, and your lighting will quickly become second nature. In short, no worries. This stuff is easy “What was i worried about!.

So come and join a friendly bunch of Shutter freaks and don’t just learn lighting, with Smashing Photography together we can SMASH the learning process.

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